The band

Patrick Reeves

Lead Vocals/ Piano/ Bass

As with any great lead singer, Pat is the heart and soul of the band. He is the conductor of a sometimes out of control train that is Council. He gives the songs life, emotion and gravity. On stage, as a front man, he transcends into something larger than himself and forges the band ahead with his charisma, passion and moving voice and lyrics.

Douglas Reeves


Doug is the backbone who keeps the rhythm and energy high. His whole body is systematically in sync and moves with grace yet fierce intention. Each strike on the drums grabs your attention and keeps you wanting more. Being brothers adds another level of depth to the band – and in the case of identical twins Pat and Doug – there’s an even greater intensity.  They have profound insight into each other’s drive and creativity – creating a unique bond and communication that takes their music to another level.



Andy is the explorer of the band. His inquisitive and wandering mind instinctually finds new sounds and tones to support the melodies.  He modernizes the band’s approach to its live show, and is always trying to push himself and the band sonically. He wants the crowd to feel each riff, each moment, and take them to a place that drives emotion – essentially he wants to instill the same level of passion in their audience. He’s also the glue that binds everyone together, both internally within the band and on stage for performances.